If you’d like me to write for your project, contact me directly. Or if you just want to work on tunes, I’m always looking for people to write with!! ben@benbeveridge.com

There are a few tracks below.

Nashville Songplugger

I work exclusively with Gil Grand at Nashville Songplugger to share my songs. Lyric sheets are available on request.

These are mostly demo versions and scratch tracks, please forgive the vocal. Be cautious as volumes are not compensated, and may be louder from track to track.

  •     canvas
  •     please don't go
  •     sorry
  •     miss kissin you
  •     break down
  •     sing along
  •     shovel
  •     a little time
  •     devil walks in the garden
  •     whippoorwill
  •     your smile is still the same
  •     love me
  •     lullaby
  •     a moment like this
  •     you are the one
  •     against the night
  •     waitin on the rain
  •     it's just goodbye
  •     run away tonight
  •     the cup
  •     hurricane
  •     brightest lights
  •     be mine
  •     watch the night
  •     enough time
  •     turn away still dreaming
  •     here for the ride
  •     home
  •     i believed in you
  •     cottonwood down

with Charlie

These are a few tunes that Charlie Gannon and I were working on, thinking about making a record. These are just scratch tracks, but they’re the only tunes I’ve ever written that I’ll just sit and listen to. Because I love what Charlie turned them into.

  •     aware wolf
  •     baked fresh
  •     chaotic roe
  •     happy campbell's
  •     one thing
  •     reel it in

Commercials and Clips

I’ve gotten to write thousands of songs. I actually like a few of them :). I loved the pressure and challenge of having to deliver on incredibly fast turnarounds and high expectations, writing for film, tv, and commercials.

  •     brighter days
  •     caper compelled
  •     foundation
  •     i will outrun
  •     i will outrun no vocal
  •     if looks could cut
  •     impulsigiving
  •     intrepid
  •     listifesto
  •     perfect timing
  •     perfect timing whistle
  •     potentiality
  •     pretty little fish
  •     pretty little fish dark
  •     refuge
  •     the faster i go
  •     the last line
  •     this story lives
  •     top shelf
  •     what you don't know
  •     hurt will stay
  •     hurt will stay instrumental
  •     for willa
  •     john henry's bargain
  •     secret
  •     wait for me
  •     wait for me instrumental
  •     sa theme full
  •     sa theme jig
  •     sa theme reel
  •     sa theme
  •     big cherry

Michael Painchaud: Country

This is the last record I produced before hanging up the guitar. And it’s one that I’m most proud of. Because I got to co-write all the songs, but also because I spent a year making it, and we were able to deliver an amazing record, for what most people spend on a song. I pulled in every favour I had to try and make this something special.

  •     a moment like this
  •     she leads me
  •     you call me lazy
  •     fell in love to a breakup song
  •     i'm buying
  •     it's just goodbye
  •     run away tonight
  •     those old boots
  •     raised by wolves
  •     watch the night
  •     enough time

The Way It Is

  •     dragon back reel
  •     fresh baked jig
  •     rock and water
  •     two worlds

The Parlour Sessions

  •     san antonio rose
  •     k2
  •     natural fact
  •     i believed in you
  •     down the left path
  •     running the lea
  •     you walked by
  •     where your love won't go
  •     cuatro
  •     wendy's waltz
  •     quality shoe
  •     you don't know me
  •     turn away still dreaming
  •     home

Serves Me Right

  •     serves me right
  •     faded love
  •     to the ladies
  •     muddy icicles / twist of fate / four quarters
  •     greig's waltz
  •     french minuet
  •     kirkness jig
  •     okema swing
  •     big john / whiskey / lac la biche
  •     black velvet
  •     foggy mountain
  •     fishers hornpipe
  •     trip to windsor
  •     four the girls
  •     back up and push
  •     danny boy
  •     the jig
  •     country north
  •     dagenais /dereks / three days in miami
  •     seven step
  •     chelcey's reel
  •     heel and toe
  •     country waltz
  •     reel des les danseurs
  •     cliffs foxtrot
  •     buck fever rag
  •     blue bells of scotland

Dance Tunes

  •     black velvet
  •     westphalia
  •     country waltz
  •     starlight waltz
  •     clementine
  •     cock of the north
  •     little burnt potato
  •     hi lo schottische
  •     down yonder
  •     maple sugar
  •     silver and gold
  •     red wing
  •     varsouvienne
  •     7 step