Against The Night
Be Mine
Break Down
Brightest Lights
Cottonwood Down
Cowboys That Fell
The Cup
Devil Walks In The Garden
Enough Time
Falling In Love Again
Girl Like You
Here For The Ride
I Believed In You
I Want A Man
If You Lived Here
It’s Just Goodbye
A Little Time
Love Me
Miss Kissin’ You
A Moment Like This
Moment On Your Mind
Please Don’t Go
Reasons To Run
Run Away Tonight
Sing Along
Think Of Me Often
Trying Not To Run
Turn Away Still Dreaming
Waiting In The Wings
Waiting On The Rain
Watch The Night
When She’s Gone
A Winter’s Night
You Are The One
Your Smile Is Still The Same

Against The Night

I stand alone
Against the night
To expose the dark
To shine a light
I stand alone
I’ll bring the fight
Even on my own
Against the night

This is my home
My life
You can take it all
Oh you can try
I’ll be standing here, right here
Or we stand alone
Against the night

I stand alone
Against the night
To speak these words
To make this right
I stand alone
I will hold on tight
I’m never letting go
Against the night

I’ll be standing here, right here
We’ll never stand alone
Against the night
We never stand alone
Against the night

Be Mine

A heart shaped box of chocolates
And a dozen long stemmed roses
And a note that says I love you in so many ways
My picture in a heart shaped locket
And a stone to fit your pocket
I’m your valentine, be mine, be mine

Be mine, be mine, be mine
I’m yours ’til the end of time

These hands that long to hold you
And these arms that will enfold you
And a heart that knows I’ll love you all of my days
This love it’s such a good one
And this us, it’s the best one
I’m your valentine, be mine, be mine

Break Down

Joshua sang me a drinking song
A story of hurt and pain and wrong
How he wandered the bottom, in the deep so long
Pulling on a bottle ’til he nearly drowned
He sang about whiskey and the love he needs
How he numbed the feeling and found his peace
I envy him that sweet release
I want to break down

I want to drink ’til all I see is sky
Through the bottom of the bottle
I want to drown my sorrow in the amber fire
And lay me down
I want to feel… nothing
I want to break down
I want to break down

There’s a deep inside where the darkness feeds
Hungering, always, for more than it needs
It keeps planting and growing the meanest seeds
I can’t help but give it fertile ground
I have a thirst for the whiskey and the love I need
I need to numb the feeling and find my peace
I’m dying for that sweet release
I want to break dow

It would be easy to let it all grow cold
Let the wind just carry my aching soul
But I’ve got little mouths to feed and little hearts to hold
I want to break down
But I won’t break

Brightest Lights

It was a regular everyday party
Pretty cowgirls and their cowboys
Yeah we all made it to the weekend
Tailgates down to do some drinkin’

Oh the lights are bright in the desert night
There’s magic in the air and in the smiles
We dance, we sing, we get lost in the music
Just wanna be free for a while, but

When the brightest lights go dark
And we get torn apart
We can’t lose heart
Even when the lights go dark

We were caught up in the moment
Couldn’t know that it was stolen
We breathed in to sing together
We breathed out and it was gone

You’ve gotta run, til you can’t take another step
You’ve gotta hide, til it’s safe to go outside
You’ve gotta fight, with every breath, to stay alive

I’ll keep singing in the dark
They’ll never be forgotten, I’ll do my part
I’ll keep singing for their hearts
Even when the lights go dark

w/ Joshua Smith


You paint a picture
Call me your names
But baby I’m done
Playing your fucking games
You call me blue, honey
What’s it to you
You’re green with envy
It’s all the same

I am the canvas
I’m not the paint
Everything you put on me
Will fade away
I’m all the angles
Held by the frame
Cover me with your paintbrush
It’s all the same

The painters expectations
Are all in vain
Constantly painting the same thing again
And again
And again
And again

You paint us pretty
We never stay
You paint us pretty
And drive us away
It’s kinda like a fuck you
I never say
It’s kinda like a story
Without your name

w/ Amy Donovan, Lowell Friesen

Cottonwood Down

Cottonwood down
On the ground
Oh the soft of her sigh
As she lays upon the sound

Of my memories lost
Never found
All gone
All gone

Cottonwood Down
On the wind
Fair, the loss of my wins
At the cost of my sins

Had my one last chance
All gone
All gone

Cottonwood Down
Sings aloud
It’s the quietest of songs
And I’ve never been so proud

Of a younger man’s heart
Beating loud
All gone
All gone

Cottonwood Down
Comin’ round
The seeds that float
From the sky to the ground

As she gently lays
Me down
All gone
All gone

Cowboys That Fell

Well I’ve made my living
Saving cowboy’s lives
It’s a tough way to make it
But I feel good inside

My boy’s only four 
But he sees things so clear
What’s the paint on your face dad
Why the smile and the tear

It’s for the cowboys that fell
And didn’t get up
It’s for the wives that still cry
For the man they loved
I get paid to smile 
But once in a while
I’m dying inside
For the cowboys that fell
The ones that had their last ride

My boy he asked me
Where do cowboys go when their gone
I said to cowboy heaven 
It’s not far from the farm
I said cowboys don’t cry
Not that anyone can see
For the boys upstairs 
There’s a painted tear on me

The Cup

Oh the cup
Has no handle
So you drink your tea cold
And the crack
She is travelling
And she’ll spill your red gold

Leave the light
To the darkness
And the sun to grow dim
Hold the bright
And the sparkle
As the stars bleed the crimson glow

Devil Walks In The Garden

The devil walked in the garden
With a sack of evil seed
When the devil walks in the garden
Up come the weeds
If you grow what the devil sows
Be careful what you reap
When the devil walks in the garden
Up come the weeds

My father was a farmer
A stern and sturdy man
Upstanding in his faith
Whether built on rock or sand

He said for growing straight and tall
There must be room to breathe
To gather in the light
And let the roots go down deep

My grandpa was a gardener
He worked the ground with care
Chose the seed for greatest yield
And prayed for weather warm and fair

He said growing takes some guiding
So lay your soul upon the land
Then he stalked the rows like the wrath of god
With a fire in his heart and a hoe in his hand

Enough Time

I heard a song today
It was a song I used to play
Coming from my old truck’s radio
And when I listened I just smiled
I hadn’t heard it in a while
Reminded me of the places we used to go

I remember what I said to you
All those years ago
When we parked beneath the old oak tree
In the shade from the morning glow

I said together if we spend
Every single moment
Every single day
I’d still say
It’s not enough time
Together we’ll survive
For the rest of both our lives
I will tell you every day
I love you girl, but there ain’t no way it’s gonna be
Enough time

You remember how it was
When it was just the two of us
Running around the world that we’d made
And we’d stick to what we’d say
We didn’t waste a single day
And suddenly the years began to fade

I remember that one stormy night
When all the kids had grown
You woke me up and you were crying
Because they all were gone

w/ Michael Painchaud

Falling In Love Again

It was springtime, the first time I fell in love
With a girl who smiled and caught my eye
I knew she was the one

By summer I had lost her, but I was still in love
I guess I was wrong she proved it, gone
I spent the next month lying in bed

I tried a new line the next time I fell in love
I found a girl who tried to change my mind
I knew she was the one

As it turned out, she turned me out, but I was still in love
I guess I was wrong for her, she’s gone
I was alone again

And here I go falling in love again
Forgetting all the times that I’ve been broken hearted wishing that I was dead
And it seems likely this time ain’t no different
But here I go, falling in love again

This time was the last time I fell in love
From the very start when she found my heart
I knew she was the one

After so long, all these years gone, I am still in love
I guess I was wrong because all along
I was waiting for just the right one

Every day I’m falling in love again
I don’t remember ever being broken hearted wishing that I was dead
And I know that this time it’s all different
Here I go falling in love again

Girl Like You

Every day, early in the morning
Truck’s running and the horses fed
You’re out, getting on the choring
Coffee’s on and you’re in my head
Ah, dreams, I should get outta bed

I just want a girl like you
Something good
To hold on to
I need a girl like you
To be my summer in the sun

All night, fire’s burning
You’re dancing to the northern lights
Stars caught, in your orbit
So hot, they hide their eyes
Your sparkle makes my heart go wild

I just want a girl like you
Something good
To hold on to
I need a girl like you
To be my summer in the sun

I just want a girl like you
Something good
To hold on to
How’d I get, a girl like you
To be my summer in the sun
To be my summer in the sun
To be my summer sun

w/ David Barber

Here For The Ride

She’s a ’69 Camaro
Buckshot out a barrel
Like a rodeo

Pull the gate
Pray for eight
It’s the big show

She’s in the fast lane
Goin’ all the way
I’m gonna go

I’m holding on
There’s a green light
She goes revving, red lining, she’s blowing tonight
I’m holding on
Theres a spark in the night
She’s got her hands high, blue eyes, flashing in the moonlight
I’m holding on
I’m here for the ride

She’s got her second wind
And she’s off again
Cranking the radio

Ain’t goin’ down
She’ll come back around
She ain’t got no slow

She’s fired up
I’m gonna get burned
But I’m gonna go

w/ Michael Painchaud


I’ve been wandering
Oh so far away
No one knows where I’ve gone
No one answered
Me when I called
So I’ll just keep moving on

‘Til I find
My way home
‘Til I find
My way home

I’ve been watching
Looking for the signs
That lead me back where I belong
I still hold you
In this image
I carry with me in my dreams

I’ll keep on searching
For all I’ve left behind


I see you, I feel you I know you’re coming close
You got that swagger I can taste your cologne
I’ve seen you watching
You think you’re something
You think you’re takin’ me home

Take two steps back
Stop talking

You don’t know me
You don’t nothing about me
You don’t know me
I am, I am a hurricane

I am an angel fell from heaven don’tcha know
You see forever in my eyes and I’m sold
I hear you talking
Just keep on walking
You ain’t takin’ me home

I ain’t your momma
I ain’t your girlfriend
I ain’t your everything
I ain’t your little mans dream

w/ Melody Lovejoy, Carol-Lynne Quinn

I Believed In You

Fairytale time
Everyone said I
Lived in my own world
Watership Down and
Alice in Wonderland
Fell down a rabbit hole

But now I believe
In something when it’s real
So I don’t know why
But I believed in you

Shadows are falling
And I hear you calling me
But you’re so far away
All the kings horses
All the kings men couldn’t
Set this broken heart to mend

I Want A Man

Can you kiss me, and not leave me
Can you touch me, and see me

I paint this tinder red on my lips

I want a man who’ll tear my dress off
Ruin my lipstick
Don’t want a man who will
Ruin my mascara

It’s you

You can hold me, and feel me
You can taste me, and tease me

Kiss this tinder red off my lips

w/ Maia Davies

If You Lived Here

I make my dollar by driving these lonely white lines
But tonight I saw something that stays in my mind
A sign by the roadside said just ten more miles
It didn’t say what or where I was going

After five more the next one said just five more miles
’til you get where you’re going
When I got there I drove by a weathered old sign
It said if you lived here, you’d be home

She was standing in the doorway when I pulled in the drive
My bags were all packed there and waiting
When I looked up and saw her a tear fell from her eye
She said if you lived here, you’d be home

If you had a place to call your own
If you didn’t waste all the seeds we’ve sown
If I’d just wait ever on and on
If you lived here, you’d be home

Saint Peter at the gate of heaven he waits
For sinners, forgiven and found
When I got there he said son, it’s the end of the line
If you lived here, you’d be home

If you had a place to call your own
If you didn’t waste all those years now gone
If I’d just wait ever on and on
If you lived here, you’d be home

It’s Just Goodbye

They say it all ends in flames
When love ends in pain
And fire will burn down the sky 
But the truth I have seen
Since it happened to me
When that love left and passed me by
It’s not the end of the world
It’s just goodbye

Cause the sun will still rise
In the morning the birds will still fly
The fish in the creek will still jump out and eat the mayflies
The stars will stay hung in the sky
Daddy’s still gonna drink whiskey and rye
Hank’s worn out guitar will still sing in the bar’s neon lights 
It’s not the end of the world
It’s just goodbye

The end’s always cold
I’m just another lonely soul
To say otherwise would just be a lie
But life still goes on
That train rolled now it’s gone
I’m standing here with tears in my eyes

w/ Michael Painchaud

A Little Time

I pulled over on the shoulder
I couldn’t drive another mile
Even on my fourth cup of coffee
It ain’t easy but I tried
To keep on rolling down the highway
You’re all that’s on my mind
I’ll be there in a little while

‘Cause all I want is you
And all I wanna do is

Take your hand
Slide in beside you
Be your man
Feel you warm me up inside
I know I am
The one
Know I am gonna
Take a little time
Make a little time with you

I should sleep a bit longer
But I don’t wanna lose more time
I’m driven by more than a longing
Baby it’s pure desire
I’m going faster
The closer I get to you
And I’ll be there in a little while

Baby it’s on tonight
Making love ’til the morning light
I’m gonna love you right

Love Me

As long as I’m waiting
You’ll never be home
As long as I’m wanting
I’ll be bled to the bone

I used to want blue sky
Now I’m used to the rain
It keeps beating me down now
But I’m used to the pain

You left me alone
So leave me alone
I can’t not want you back
You can’t get too far gone

It’s why I can’t love me
Why I can’t find the shore
I’m drifting away …


Hey little dreamer
What are you dreaming
What do you see
That I can’t see
Show me

As long as I’m breathing
Just keep on dreaming
And I’ll do the best I can
To make them come true

Baby just take my hand, and
Every I love you too
I’ll keep believin’
It’ll always be you
I’ll keep believing in
It’ll always be you

Hey little dreamer
What are you makin’
What are you building
Can I help?
Show me

Miss Kissin’ You

It’s the time for leavin’
But leavin’ ain’t on my mind
Just our fingertips
As we say our last goodbye

It’s only been a minute
But it feels like a lifetime
Just a few heartbeats in and
I want to feel your lips on mine

I want that look in your eyes
When I lean in
I want the taste of your smile
I miss kissin you

It’s gotta be crazy
But you’re all that’s on my mind
Just feeling it all baby
I want to be by your side

It ain’t the space between us
It don’t matter how far
I want to come close together
I want to have you in my arms

I ain’t waitin’ on the right time
I ain’t waitin’ for the stars to align
I won’t miss another moment
I won’t ever miss, ever miss kissin’ you

A Moment Like This

See it in my eyes that I
Finally realized that I
Found something I’ve been looking for
It’s like looking in the night and you
Finally see the light and
The darkness is gone forever more
I’ve been sailing long but now
I reached the shore

So can you stay a little longer with me tonight
Cause I’m holding on so tight
And I’m not planning on letting go
I don’t wanna be nowhere else
Just with you here by myself
Flying high on a falling flake of snow
To me it’s more than just a kiss
I’ve been waiting for a moment
Just like this

I don’t have to say do you
Feel the same way as I do
Because I know what’s in your heart
And when I look at you girl I
Know it’s true
When it doesn’t matter
If we’ll ever be apart
All I want from you is what you are

w/ Michael Painchaud

Moment On Your Mind

It’s a good time
It’s a real good time
How can anyone wonder
Where time goes when it’s gone

It’s a good night
It’s a real great night
With the stars outshining
The fireflies in the sky

It’s a good life
It’s real good life
Every now and then
Take a grateful look around

You’re good man
You’re a real good man
And even though you won’t listen
I say it anyway
I’ll say it every day

I just want
A moment on your mind
To leave behind
A trace of memory
To find
I just want
A moment on your mind
To hold your heart
Give it all the love I have
In mine

w/ David Barber

barber demo

Please Don’t Go

We all start
From nothing
Then we try to be something
Something you’d be proud of

One thing
I never thought
I’d be saying
Never thought I’d be praying
This isn’t goodbye

Please don’t go
I’m not ready for a night without you
Please don’t go
Love you more than you ever knew

I know
That you know, that I
Loved you
And I know that it’s time to
But I don’t want to let go

Reasons To Run

Suitcase buckle don’t work no more
The leather’s faded and scarred and worn
In the light I see it now
Didn’t know it was broken ’til I pulled it down

I thought I could be what you thought I was
No chance for expectations
I didn’t fall for the you you’re now
And I know, you know                     

I’ve got my reasons to run
Please please listen to me
When I say
I’ve got my reasons to run
Please please listen to me 

Gifts not given never get replies
It was always gonna be goodbye
I didn’t give you all my heart
And I know, you know

Staying together wouldn’t be so hard
But easy isn’t easy when you’re not involved
Hanging on just for hanging on
Is not why      

I’ve got my reasons to run

w/ Joshua Smith

Run Away Tonight

Do you ever wonder what’s beyond
This little town where we come from
If we picked a road and off we drove
Through the night I wonder where we’d go

Round here they’re the same old sights
The one main road, the traffic lights
A thousand times I’ve driven through
But the only view I wanna see is you

We could leave it all behind
Turn this car around and drive
Say goodbye tonight

If we headed west we’d hit the coast
We could float on down to Mexico
Baby we’d fly
We could drift up under northern skies
Wide plateaus, or mountain highs
Anywhere would be alright if you wanted to
We could run away tonight

We don’t need to pack don’t need to plan
Just pick a road out on that map
Get what we need along the way
As long as I’ve got you I know I’ll be ok

If we end up running out of road
On a sandy beach a slow tide rolls
Drifting far across the sea
We could take a boat across there you and me

It doesn’t matter where you go
Driving fast or driving slow
Baby pick a road

Tonight let’s just run
Drive after that setting sun
Let’s ride


I picked up a shovel
Gonna dig me a hole
Gonna dig it way down deep
‘Til I can’t dig no more
I’m gonna take this heartbreak
I’ll put it in the ground
Then I’ll pick up the shovel
And shovel til it can’t be found

I’m getting on
While the gettin’s good
There’s a get together going on the river in the woods
Gonna drink a drink
Gonna sing a song
Gotta get it cause it won’t be long

‘Til I feel that heartbreak
Way down in the hole
Though it’s way down deep
The dirt won’t hold it long
I’m gonna keep a runnin’
Keep riding on the road
I’ll keep burnin’ both ends
‘Til it gets me and I feel that cold

‘Til it’s got me down
It’s dragging me down
But I know where it can go

I picked up a shovel

Sing Along

I miss home
I miss the warm wind 
I miss the old songs 
And the whisper of a record as it spins
I miss my daddy singing a little off key
Every evening to the same LP
And when it gets to me

I put that record on
And I pour myself a glass
I lean back in my chair, close my eyes
And let the memories flood on past
I know every word
I know every song
So I get a little drunk and sing along

I’ve been gone
So long I can’t see
Even in my minds eye it’s so hard to believe
How the faces have faded, the lives moved on
When the feeling’s all but gone
I need more than memory


This is just another song
About you
And I don’t even know
If you’re listening

I’m gonna keep hitting send
And then come back again
Looking for that little red dot
That says I get to say

Sorry, baby
You were right the whole time
I know that I drive you crazy
And it might take a while

Give me another chance
I’m gonna try again
I can make it right
I take all the blame

I know I got it wrong
I really did
If you hear me
Can I say that I’m

This ain’t the last song
It ain’t the last word
There’s a million ways to say
I love you

I’ll keep writing’ em down
And I’ll keep sending too
But all they really mean
Is I’m

Sorry, baby
You were right the whole time
I know that I drive you crazy
And it might take a while
To get to that sorry, baby
You were right the whole time
I know that I drive you crazy
But I know that you love this smile


Tan lines
Soft sand
Sweet wine
Nap time
Summer looks good on you

All night
So close
Hold tight
Soft glow
Always looks good on you

Days without you go so slow
Never seem to end
Nights without you never know
When to begin

Light you up with my fire
Burnin’ up with desire
Making out ’til we’re just too tired
For another kiss
Another touch
Never ever enough
No such thing as too much
Always ever on my mind
Cause I look good on you

I’m a
Worn on
A Monday
It’s a
A lot a lot too cold

I’m here
Of a someday
Sweat on
Your skin
Shimmer looks good on you

Days go by and I can’t help
Missing you again
Nights go by and I want you
With me to the end

w/ Courtney Sampson, Cameron Beveridge

Think Of Me Often

Eight days from home and the wind’s getting colder 
With every step it seems I’m getting older 
Riding the fences that seem never ending  
As the posts pass on by, I’ll fix what needs mending  

It seems like just yesterday I took my leaving  
With the frost on the willows, and my saddle a creaking 
As I ride away I can hear her goodbye 
And I feel the longing I see in her eyes  

She says 
Think of me often  
While you’re out riding  
Taking me somewhere with you in your heart 
When you return home I will be waiting 
There’ll be stories to tell you 
And stories to hear  

Though I am far from you I still remember 
The warmth of your arms when I leave it still lingers 
I carry with me the love that you send me 
And when I’m alone I know that you’re with me

Trying Not To Run

Upside down and
But straight and sure for
All the sense that makes 

It’s not what you do or
Don’t say
With one foot out the door

I can’t hold you
If you don’t want to stay
But I will do all
Of everything it takes 

I’ll just love you
I’ll wait for what will
Cause I know you are
Trying not to run

Turn Away Still Dreaming

In this country
When a hawk is on the rise
And roses slice the evening sky
We wander
Kidnapped by surprise
And view the plains
Through a lover’s eyes

We turn away still dreaming
On feet that smell of grass
And crush beneath us as we go
A million stars
That bloom and burst on life
Fashioned from glass

A distant whistle
Makes the air and us stand still
Metal’s breath recedes behind the hills
We are alone
On this soft sea of wheat
And evening sun casts shadows at our feet

We turn away still dreaming
On feet that smell of grass
And crush beneath us as we go
A million stars
That bloom and burst on life
Time bends us back and shows
A distant light
See the stars
And it’s the same sweet night
Fashioned from glass

w/ Marianne Bindig

Waiting In The Wings

The first song I sung when I was three
Was prayin’ to Jesus on my knees
Please lord let my Mom
Cry a little less when the night time comes

My mother she was wicked wise
Told me the truth and taught me to lie
Cold and hard for the world to see
Warm to the heart and the world to me

She’s always
Waiting in the wings
Watching while I sing
My songs
She’s always
Given everything
To hold me up when I’m
Not strong

I sung in church and I made my way
From blacktop bars, to makin’ wage
On the road, my every day
Grateful for every chance to play

From the smallest voice, to the biggest stage
Singing to the sky and free from the cage
We built the dream and she got to see
The lights and the bright best part of me

Sometimes it gets tough to feel
Sharp on the edges and hard as steel
It cuts both ways when you hold the blade
Just to feel the bite, and the bitter stays

When the down gets deep I see her smile
She holds my hand and sits for a while
She’s always there, it’ll be ok
We’ll be together, again someday

She’s warm to the heart, and the world to me
She’s the light and the bright best part of me
We’ll be together, again, you’ll see

Waiting On The Rain

I’ve been waiting on the rain
I’ve been waiting on the rain
I’ve been waiting on the rain to

Fall and bring the green again
Come and wash me clean again

Fall and fill the well again
Come and kill the heat again

Fall and bring me peace again
Come and free my heart again

I have fallen on the ground
And I’ll be lost until I’m found

Watch The Night

The whiskey’s burning
And the firelight
Is burning so hot
We’re dancing in the night
Smoke’s drifting away on the summer breeze

I could travel to
Anywhere you know
This is where my roots
Will stay and always grow
And I know this is where I should always be

If I could stop the morning light
Well babe you know I’d try
But for now enjoy the night

Throw another log on the fire
Pour me something that’ll take me higher
You can stay and watch the night right next to me
Baby put your hand in mine
Sip a little of your sweet red wine
And sparks will beneath these old pine trees
Oh stay and watch the night, with me

I’m not sure what’s
In store tomorrow
You know that life holds
A lot of sorrow
But tonight I’m feeling fine don’t you agree

You know that I don’t need
A lot to pick me up
They’re the modest things
That I enjoy a lot
But you know there’s a price for living free

I’m thankful for this place
Can’t you see my smiling face
And you know it’s my saving grace


I’ve got this scar on my nipple
But a smug smile on my face
Cause it’s all I’ll remember
When I can’t think of your name

I’ve got a memory for trouble
But I’m forgetting the pain
This isn’t the time or place
You won’t get me again

You ain’t even a memory
It’s over
It’s done
You won’t ever be holding me
It’s over
I’m done
You can’t even, you’ll never see
It’s over
It’s done
It’s over
I’m done

I got away with the ocean
Meat ripped from the bone
Stones thrown in the ripple
I’m a wave

When She’s Gone

You only know it when she’s gone
I had her love now I’m alone
It’s the strangest feeling
Heartbreak and tears
You only know it when she’s gone 

You only miss it when it’s gone
Her lovely smile in the morning
The smell of her shampoo
Boy I’m telling you
You only miss it when it’s gone 

You only hear it when it’s gone
Her voice laughing in your dreams
She’s not singing in the shower
The clock tolls the hour
You only hear it when she’s gone 

You only see it when it’s gone
A lack of furniture throughout the house
Empty rooms and empty heart
We were so far apart
You only see it when it’s gone


There’s just somethin’ ‘bout a woman in blue jeans
See the lines of her tank top tan
The way the dust flies when she hits that saddle
Makes it hard to be a penitent man

Kimes Ranch Longhorn painted on her pocket
Swinging round the corner with a beer in her hand
High country two step, gettin’ down home songs
Drinkin’ and singin’ ‘til the whiskey’s gone

If it takes all night
Flying down the backroads
Oh it feels just right I’m keepin’ on
I’ll be by her side
Smilin’ ridin’ shotgun
Til I hear the song of the whippoorwill

Sleeping in the bed of her ‘54 Chevy
Dreaming of a night with an endless dawn
The wind off the river giving us a shiver
So a little skinny dipping, then we’re headed on

A Winter’s Night

The snow is slowly falling down
Upon a Christmas Scene
A house lit up with candlelight
Everyone’s fondest dream

A winter’s night in December
Cold and crisp is the air
Gathered around a bright fire
All of the family’s there  

A table laden with good things
A tree all trimmed and laid
Good faith and cheer surround us all
A love we all have made 

The hearth is warm with wreaths adorned
The children laugh and play
Gifts are piled beneath the tree
In wait for that wonderful day 


Sometimes we’re golden, sometimes we’re spoken
Sometimes we tear, sometimes we’re torn 
Sometimes we swear that we don’t care
Then here we are ringing through the door again 

We’re broken, unspoken
We’re tangled and from the heart
We’re beauty and changing the world
One heart at a time 

We are a saving grace, and we are a deep, dark place
We can send you anywhere you want to go 
Sometimes we’re perfect, when we fall from the sky
Then morning comes and there’s no recalling 

We’re broken, unspoken
We’re tangled and from the heart
We’re beauty and changing the world
One heart at a time 

I can show you the way
To fly to the moon
And hang on it
Hang on
Hang on me 

We’re broken, unspoken
We’re tangled and from the heart
We’re beauty and changing the world

w/ Maria Danvers

You Are The One

You are the one I want for all time
You are the one I love
Hold me until the light goes out of my eyes

You are the one who will always be true
You are the one I love
Hold me until the light goes out my eyes

Every memory I make will be with you
Every breath, every beat of my heart

I am the one who will always be true
I am the one you love
I’ll hold you until the light goes out of my eyes

I am the one you want for all time
I am the one you love
I’ll hold you until the light goes out of your eyes

Your Smile Is Still The Same

Once upon a time there was a love so true
It burned with a fire, a deep desire
Flamed out when the cold wind blew
It’s been a long time since you moved on
I’ve been moving too
But every once in a while when the mood is right
I still think about you

Oh why
Can’t we just leave the past behind
It’s not wasted life
It’s only a matter of time
Your smile is still the same

Water rolls on, here and gone, flowing never still
Fast in the rapids, and the rocks and the rain
Slowly through the fields
Years goes by, the river winds
Time runs through 
But every once in a while when the mood is right
I still think about you

w/ Jesse Padgett