I am a driven, dynamic leader with more than twenty-five years experience in business development, finance, manufacturing, software, entrepreneurship, coaching, education, and the arts.

I am a seasoned strategic professional, drawing from a unique and varied career to provide expertise in revenue generation, market expansion, operational restructuring, cultural change and transforming challenges into opportunities.

My core expertise is in discovering and clarifying potential. Offering practical structure and methodology to achieve successful outcomes.

I am patient, kind, and considerate of others. One of my greatest strengths is the well-honed ability to genuinely listen to, and understand, another point of view. I have the ability to create trust, calm, and focus in substantive relationships.

I offer a fresh perspective, a strong outlook for the future, and a proven approach to collaborative work that delivers results.

Ben is one of the most free-thinking problem solvers I know. He has the unique ability to recognize opportunity and seize it where a lot of people would let it pass by without noticing it. He recognizes potential in people and situations that others do not see.

Ben’s greatest character traits are his honesty and desire to do things right. I do not believe he is capable of knowingly doing something dishonest. I have known Ben and his family since 1988. Honesty and trust run deep in the family.

Finally, if we could measure it, and say that it takes 10 feet of patience to get along in this world, Ben has around 150 feet. He is not easily rattled, and it makes him a great teacher. Having patience does not diminish his desire to succeed nor the fortitude to make it happen, but it does make him easy and comfortable to work with.”

– DM


Business Development  •  Entrepreneurship  •  Management Consulting  •  Strategic Planning  •  Marketing •  Mentoring  •  Project Management  •  Branding / Rebranding  •  Sales  •  CMS/CRM/SEO  •  Content Marketing  •  Creative •  Writing

Demonstrated competency in tactical marketing, leadership, impact negotiations, strategic vision and planning, team building, strategic partnerships, recruitment and selection, communications, training and education, relationship management, executive presentations, new product launches, budgeting and forecasting, project management, analysis, and design.

“Our families got together for dinner one evening. I had just met Ben, and we talked about how my daughter and her friends were really into this new kind of clothing. But they couldn’t find anywhere to buy it, and were making things themselves.

By the time I got up and made coffee the next morning, Ben had done the research, sourced the products, created the branding, launched an Instagram profile pushing ads, and had the website live. Then, he offered to give it to my daughter if she wanted the business.”



  • Regional Leader, British Columbia – Brave/BAT
  • Finalist – Saskatchewan Young Entrepreneur of the Year
  • Managing Broker – Transamerica Life
  • Mentor – Futurpreneur Canada
  • Involved with more than 40 new business launches.
  • Delivered more than 250 commercial business plans, strategic plans, and reviews.
  • Former Notary Public and Commissioner for Oaths
  • Accredited FACTOR Juror
  • Inaugural recipient of the Lieutenant-Governor’s Celebration of the Arts Pin, in recognition of a significant contribution to the arts in Saskatchewan.

“Ben is an effective coach, mentor, guide and leader because he listens to people’s thoughts without injecting his own opinions, until they are asked for or needed. His ideas come from a place of trust and optimism, as do his suggestions for improvement in other peoples situations.

Ben has excellent problem solving skills and a TON of experience to help guide people through their own situations, without seeming overbearing. He has learned the art of conversation, like few I have ever met, and has an insatiable hunger for knowledge that is very inspiring and encouraging.”



Taigh Sidhean | Kamloops, BC
Director, Business Development
2021 – present

Taigh is a performance building systems company based out of Kamloops and Lumby, BC. Taigh offers project management, development, consulting, finance, planning, and deployment for clients, builders, and investors in the Passive House, Net-Zero community.

  • Launched in August 2021.
  • Recognized a significant unrealized opportunity in the residential and commercial construction market.
  • My focus is on telling the passive story to new people, expanding the reach of our market development and communications, and massively growing the industry.

All new homes in Canada will be built to passive, net-zero standard.
There are no excuses anymore.

Nikhedonia | Kamloops, BC
VP, Business Development
2020 – Present

Results. Performance. Profit.

Nikhedonia supports exceptional people in the pursuit of impossible goals. My task at Nik is to discover opportunity. To find potential in new ideas, growing companies, and horizon ventures. Nikhedonia is a novel approach to understanding and building business, with an intense focus on structure and relationship.

Scope, operations, and deliverables are detailed here.

Heyde Haus | Lumby, BC
Project Management and Business Development
2020 – 2021

Project management and business development for a Passive House design/build firm based in Lumby, BC.

  • Planned, created, and developed the strategies, documentation, products, services, and teams to achieve the short and medium term demands of the business.
  • Crafted and implemented a range of marketing and business development tactical models to promote external sales, and create reliable and consistent lead generation. 
  • Created the business plan and business development strategy to achieve the long term goals of the company.
  • Assessed, planned, and implemented operational improvements that positioned the company to begin pursuing the new growth model.
  • Reviewed and updated all corporate, legal, and operational documentation, contracting, client intake and communication processes.
  • Reviewed the entire construction process from client service, design, construction, management, finance, and contracting, to delivery of the completed project.
  • Assessed all business development, marketing, advertising, and communications.
  • Created an in depth review, with historical analysis, recommendations for improvement, and the addition of supportive programming and services.
  • Resolved all outstanding operational and client conflicts, enabling management to focus on forward looking efforts, and prevent similar challenges in the future.
  • Created active partnerships with service providers to fulfill the goals of improved client service, rapid growth, profitability, and sustainable methods for seeking and acquiring new clients.

2015 – 2020

Everything you need for your life online. Hammock Ninja provides real world website services for real, busy people. After going through the frustration and struggle of creating websites for my own projects and businesses, I built a better way. A one stop, simple, easy solution for hosting, security, SEO, content, social media, and marketing.

  • Managed and deployed hundreds of websites, from basic blogs to e-commerce sites selling thousands of products.
  • Familiar with all related aspects of server management, hosting, domain management, SSL, WHM, CRM, CMS, WordPress, Cpanel, SEO, and advanced analytics.
  • Managed and negotiated thousands of domain purchases, transfers, and sales.
  • Actively pursuing learning and knowledge in this space, including rapidly changing legal, legislation, blockchain, cryptocurrency, cross-platform, VR/AR, apps, tools, and adaptive digital technology.

Lead Hand

Lead Hand and Crew Boss for a commercial landscape design/build company. Established an independent contractor operation to serve the work, as described at

  • Completed landscape construction projects in challenging environments.
  • Successfully translated complex architectural drawings into accurate and detailed real-world structures.
  • Responsible for on-site safety, efficacy, and project completion.
  • Responsible for training and management of on-site personnel.
  • Maintained quality working relationships with management, employees, and clients.
  • Enjoyed the difficulty of the projects, and the physical demands, despite being told when hired that “you’re going to work like you’re breaking rocks in a Russian gulag.” Truth.

VP, Business Development
2017 – 2019

I was first tasked to assess and review a struggling commercial construction firm. What was initially a three month project became a three year development, encompassing major structural operational and financial changes, and the launch of a new private construction fund. This capital group eventually came to serve advanced builds, focused on large scale projects in solar, wind, soil/water remediation, and infrastructure, primarily within First Nations communities.

  • Provided leadership and support in the creation, planning, and implementation of strategies to cultivate and capture new business opportunities, to enable the company to exceed revenue, growth and profit expectations
  • Discovered, developed, and executed plans, relationships, and opportunities that served the goals of the company, including developing new strategic alliances with key clients, analyzing and understanding clients’ business strategy, future product plans, and expansion activities, and aligning company resources where mutually beneficial.
  • Defined business priorities through a broad and far vision, including initiating and managing business development activities that strengthened, expanded and drove market penetration.
  • Managed the profit and loss statements and key financial metrics.
  • Assisted current accounts in the development and execution of product roadmaps and acted as the focal point in delivering solutions which include concept development, industrial design, manufacturing, supply chain/logistics, and services support.

2011 – 2020

Operating through the Proconsul, Archer BDS, Eight79, and Balfour Kinross brands, this channel provided a stable platform for comprehensive management consulting, coaching, and professional counselling.

  • Provided strategic performance coaching, business counselling, and direct consultation. I offered guidance and expertise for start-ups, transitions, succession, finance, project management, business development, strategy, and planning. All based on a proprietary AIR System of Assessment, Integration, and Reinforcement.
  • Executive, team, career, and personal coaching with a commitment to the standards of the ethics and standards of the International Coaching Federation, with a structured approach of agreement, trust, presence, active listening, thoughtful questioning, clear communication, awareness, action, planning, and accountability.
  • Worked with clients to review a proposition or idea, test the assumptions and give an opinion on viability, potential, and direction.
  • Structured plans to achieve the goal, with clearly defined steps and strategy for each stage of the process.
  • Connected clients with the professionals that were best suited to delivering results for each task.
  • Guided clients in launching and driving the plan to its conclusion.
  • Coaching
  • Consulting

2018 – 2020 | Brave | BAT

Helping to educate about cryptocurrency, digital advertising, social behaviour, and cutting edge technology.
As the Regional Leader, British Columbia I am tasked with representing Brave/BAT, and spearheading the growth and support of this rapidly expanding community.

  • Recognized an opportunity with the development of this new digital advertising platform, and more specifically, how it could benefit business owners and content creators.
  • Developed a platform to serve education, growth, and business development in Canada.
  • Dramatically improved my knowledge of cryptocurrency, alternative economies, advertising revenue models, privacy and security, data as a critical asset, its capture, deployment, and use.

*** STUDIOS | Vancouver, BC
Consultant / Senior Writer

* name withheld due to active non-disclosure requirements.
Initially hired to review and redefine the underlying canon of an upcoming video game release, I was tasked to digest thousands of pages of internal documents and deliver a structure, outline, and staged deliverables for the written content of the completed project. This included the video game script, two novels, two seasons of a television series, teaser trailers, and marketing pieces. After the first review, it was clear that I could serve the project beyond oversight of the content, and was better suited to assist with driving the strategy, planning, and execution of a long term business plan.

  • Created management and operational business and marketing plans.
  • Created, maintained, and delivered Investor Offerings as necessary to meet targets.
  • Directed and pursued corporate and business development.
  • Directed and managed fundraising, investor, and publisher relationships.
  • Directed and drove story development, writing, and messaging. 
  • Declined an offer to become co-founder and VP.

2019 – Present

Craighead started as a side project to test tactical marketing and social media advertising strategies. It quickly became an effective outlet for my design capabilities. With more than 3,000 products, influencer marketing, custom design, and a proven platform CPC/CTR effectiveness, Craighead is a practical model for retail markets in this space.

  • Trialed and tested a variety of advertising models in the social media sphere, with a range of in-use, and developing, tools.
  • Built a consistent following, through multiple channels, with a solid ROI of energy and capital.
  • Spun off more than a dozen subsidiary and related projects, using the same methodology and practices.
  • Used the business as a showcase for past design, branding, and creative marketing.

Trainer / Business Development
2016 – 2017

For more than a year, I listened to a friend talk about how he would love to do his side work full time, but couldn’t find a way to do it. He and two partners had a small business that was doing well, but not well enough for them to take it seriously.

  • Researched, created, and defined a strategy to allow the three principals to leave their employment, and pursue the work they were passionate about.
  • Built the structural and operational strategies that would allow the business to support five executive level professionals, and the required supporting staff.
  • Initiated the process by coming into the business as a potential partner, learning all the aspects of how the company functioned, how it worked with clients, and how it deployed its training methodology.
  • Learned the existing processes, then adapted, improved, and created new techniques to serve the business.
  • Offered a practical, achievable path to exceptional growth.

Senior Partner / VP, Business Development
2011 – 2014

Stepping into a true partnership for the first time, we formed a modern, forward looking structure and aggressively pursued the best team we could find. This was the most fun in business I’ve ever had in my life. Engaged, focused, energetic, and driven, we were able to take on some incredible opportunities.

  • “Building business, from concept to customer.”
  • Leadership and guidance for business development, new enterprise, market expansion, strategic vision and implementation.
  • Launched Rakken Media, turning an ongoing major capital expenditure into a revenue generator.
  • Developed, funded and launched
  • Established and implemented small business education programs in partnership with local and regional economic development organizations.
  • Assisted, participated in or mentored 14 start-ups, transitions, and turnarounds.
  • Developed a groundbreaking new process for bio-mechanical oil sands recovery and production.

Acquisition Strategy / Business Development
2012 – 2014

A three way war between a management team, the founders, and fractious shareholders led to a company on the brink of bankruptcy. I successfully led the team taking the business from a value of less than nothing, to closing a multi-million dollar sale, in 18 months.

  • Completed due diligence, research, and historical analysis of decades of operations.
  • Defined a strategy to make the company profitable, and attractive for a buyer.
  • Secured transition funding and potential buyers.
  • Tasked with conceptualizing and developing potential business models for current and possible applications, and channels for existing products.
  • Completed a comprehensive business development strategy and implementation guide.
  • Adapted and improved all existing product lines.
  • Developed new applications for oil and gas, industrial, agriculture, remediation, and foreign ventures.

Chairman / EVP
2012 – 2014

Created and launched a proprietary technical oil sands energy capture process.

  • Saw the opportunity to use a biological agent as a primary process for oil sands recovery.
  • Sought acquisition of the patent, process and manufacturing of the product.
  • Launched Baeru Clean Oil Sands Technology Inc, Baeru Clean Frac, Baeru Clean Oil, and other subsidiary operations to research application in the Canadian oil sands, develop market opportunities, and build relationships with industry, government and environmental leaders.
  • Built an exceptional launch team and Advisory Board from diverse backgrounds to ensure the success of this once in a lifetime opportunity.

VP, Business Development
2012 – 2014

Recognized a gap in existing markets, created and launched a SaaS business to serve clients buying and selling active operations.

  • Designed and implemented proprietary matching protocols, utilizing psychometric analyses to effectively match business owners with buyers. Built an online platform to support business transitions, educate business owners, and engage partners.
  • Transitioned the model to include business readiness consulting and succession planning, with a plan to spin out a branded succession planning firm.
  • Developed and marketed white label software systems for qualitative matching.

RAKKEN MEDIA | Lethbridge, AB
2011 – 2016

A leading edge media company, developing a range of software tools for managing content, marketing, and customer relationships.

  • Had a need to find to the tools to support active businesses. It was grown organically over years of implementation and adaptation to deliver solutions that actually worked in practice, developing tools that were effective, complementary, and contributed to the bottom-line success of the companies they served.
  • The launch of Rakken concluded a 15 year research and application development process to design and build a truly easy to use website builder, content management system, and e-commerce platform.
  • Rakken technological development was based on an ongoing 8 year relationship with Tangle Media.
  • Designed and developed salesforce strategy, planning, training and implementation with Factor X Solutions.

ROWAN FINANCIAL | Maple Creek, SK – Medicine Hat, AB – Kelowna, BC
2007 – 2011

An independent financial services company with a focus on wealth management, multi-generational planning, and conscious investment.

  • Launched a new investment firm in the worst economic environment in 80 years.
  • Built the firm to $75,000,000 AUM in three years.
  • Directly managed over $40,000,000 in investment funds.
  • Managing Broker – Transamerica Life Canada.
  • Expanded from one to four branded offices. Expanded to three provinces.
  • Personal practice focused on family business strategies and complex investment solutions.
  • Based the business strategy on a team approach to financial guidance, bringing specialized experience to each client based on their individual needs.
  • Developed and implemented ongoing financial strategy for the firm, the advisors and the clients for optimal capital preservation and opportunity for growth.
  • Developed comprehensive Policies and Procedures manual covering operations, compliance, marketing, training, and business development.
  • Privacy and Chief Compliance Officer.
  • Developed and implemented short and long term marketing strategies with a range of tools in person, through training, through traditional media and with new technological outlets.
  • Converted operational procedures from traditional meeting based to dynamic, electronic conference and SAP tools within a ROWE methodology.

2006 – 2009

A significant venture exploring investment in Canadian projects for security and longevity. Established through a decades long family connection, and exceptional timing.

  • Tasked to seek and acquire Board of Directors, guide mission and vision, develop strategy, achieve milestones within a compressed timeframe, oversee all company operations, negotiate partnership agreements with foreign corporations and individuals, and craft opportunities for growth.
  • Board included VP Government Relations for major oil and gas producer, Risk Management specialist managing $5B AUM, past President of Canada-Arab Business Council, future President of Canada-Arab Business Council.
  • Developed legal requirements to transition international funds to Canada for domestic investment.
  • Translated direction from the Board into deliverable results.
  • Spearheaded tour of Middle East nations to develop opportunity.
  • Successfully negotiated contracts with individuals, companies and government for investment funds, capital projects, commodity trades and service agreements.

Investment Analyst / Insurance and Investment Advisor
2004 – 2007

I began as a staff analyst, advancing my role, taking on more responsibility and initiative to get industry specific training and knowledge. I became a licensed rep, and rapidly expanded my own client base. Over time, my focus shifted to effective multi-generational wealth transition planning.

  • Sponsored through Equitable Life.
  • Successfully completed requirements to obtain Saskatchewan Life Insurance License, including Life License Qualification Program, LLQP Accident and Sickness, and Segregated Funds license.
  • Researched, analyzed and made recommendations on risk management, market positioning and portfolio construction.
  • Provided financial and investment advice to individual, corporate and agricultural clients.
  • Developed current, short and long term strategy for clients.
  • Worked with clients to assess and evaluate positioning and make recommendations for insurance, investment, estate and other planning.

Executive Assistant
2001 – 2004

Responsible for assisting the management team with the ongoing operations of a financial services firm.

  • Input, maintain, and manage client information database
  • Research and analyze potential investments, prepare information packages for clients
  • Purchase, install, and maintain computer systems
  • General office duties: phone, filing, e-mail, client service
  • Design and implement advertising, promotions
  • Bookkeeping and Tax preparation

Operations Manager
1998 – 2008

A private record label, recording studio, promotion, and management company. I was responsible for the delivery of the entire production process, from artist discovery, to songwriting, production, recording, marketing, and touring.

  • Produced, promoted, and staged recordings, performances, and tours for music acts.
  • Purchased equipment to support touring and recording acts.
  • Managed payroll.
  • Provided design, promotion, and production services to a wide range of clients.

Project Co-ordinator
1996 – 1998

My first real business. A small production and staging company.

  • Arranged and staged shows for music acts .
  • Provided booking services for music acts.
  • Provided sound reinforcement for shows.

Professional Musician
1993 – 2016

I was an award winning musician, performing live, in studio, and on tour, for almost 25 years. I worked for and with many significant Canadian and international artists, was in the elite group of performers in my field, and was able to experience many once in a lifetime opportunities.

  • Harvest Media Group Nashville, TN
  • Centerfire Music Calgary, AB
  • Live performance.
  • Contract studio recording.
  • Contract support performance.

I AM capable, confident, visionary, strong, energetic, focused, a powerful presence, a leader, always learning, a strategic thinker, adaptable, determined, a builder, tolerant, considerate, dedicated.

I HAVE failed, won, adapted, learned the hard way, had it easy, gone big, gone home, been broke, been wealthy, pushed too hard, stayed too long, done the right thing, achieved greatness.

I WILL deliver results, exceed expectations, surpass my own limitations, learn from my failures, do more, be exceptional, work hard, work smart, co-operate, stand my ground, think big, see far, excel in any environment.

“I make instinctive judgements about the quality of people. This is the first time I’ve done a handshake deal.”



Some of my past volunteer contributions in an advisory or board position include:

  • Thundering Hills Loans Co-operative Ltd. – President
  • Maple Creek Chamber of Commerce – President
  • Camp Shagabec, United Church Summer Camp– Director
  • Cowtown Pro Rodeo – Director
  • Southwest Enterprise Region – Strategic Teams – Finance & Investment
  • Southwest Enterprise Region – Investment Confidence Advisory Team, Finance Network Advisory Team
  • Enterprise Saskatchewan – Pipeline Champion
  • Saskatchewan Young Professionals and Entrepreneurs – Provincial Executive – Director
  • Saskatchewan Young Professionals and Entrepreneurs, Southwest Chapter – President, Founder
  • Canadian Youth Business Foundation – Mentor
  • Saskatchewan Country Music Association – Provincial Executive
  • Southwest Saskatchewan Oldtimer’s Museum – Director
  • Canadian Lacrosse Association – Certified Level 1 National Official
  • Vernon Montessori Society – Director
  • Smartphones for Global Literacy


Bachelor of Commerce, Leadership
2018 – Present
In progress, with the intent to complete my Masters in 2024

Ryerson University | Toronto, ON
Entrepreneurial Mentoring

ILS et al. | Saskatoon, SK – Calgary, AB – Toronto, ON
Industry Training and Licensing
RDBA, AML, Life and General Insurance, Segregated and Mutual Funds, Compliance, Privacy, Sales and Marketing, Best Practices, KYC, and all required competencies for licensing and continuing education.
2001 – 2011

Michael Swan | Saskatoon, SK
Concert Master, Saskatoon Symphony Orchestra
Private Study
1996 – 1999

University of Saskatchewan | Saskatoon, SK
Extension Division – Private Study
Prof. Robert Klose
1992 – 1996


Master Mason.
Valid Restricted Firearms PAL.
Able to pass background and security clearances.
Extensive travel overseas and long-haul North America.
Restored a 1916 vintage home. Spent a winter custom building the interior with period woodwork including wainscoting, casings, trim, doors, and cabinetry.
Restored a 1953 GMC Pickup to original spec.

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